St. John Bosco FC

Founded 1957

Co. Dublin

20 Club


Started in 1990 for Ray Mc Hugh playing a year out off my age group,then dropping down to play for Willie Kavanagh, Jenko and Trevor Shanley at my right age played for Willie for the rest of my schoolboy years as well as playing games for older teams managed by Ray and even Colly Martins team remember playing for U14 then the 15 16 17 and 18 all in the one weekend also remember Paul Martyn given me my first 1st team start for the seniors against Lazio in Benner at the age of 16 after our keeper got injured in the warm up and played a couple of more games that season then moved on to play senior with the club in 98 or 99 under Paul Martyn and Anto Mc Glynn I've also managed some schoolboy teams from U11 to U14 with Halo also help Paddy Doyle with the girls team in his first year and also managed the U19 this year. I've played in a lot of memorable games and teams like the U17 league wining (fist ever league title ) team under Willie the day we won it out in St Paul Artane was special also the Calor Gas Cup win under Paul Martyn and the Lummy O Reilly under Noel (Ducker) Donnan they were some great memories and teams to play In winning promotion after promotion year on year, then in 2014 to win the league for the fist time as a senior player under Garth Boyne was special, that was one off the best sides I've played in at the Bosco but my most memorable moment has to be the FAI Junior Cup run under Ger Looney and that quarter final game against Carrick in Waterford. No one gave us a chance but ourselves. The scene at the end of the game were unbelievable never seen so many Bosco supporters, took over Carrick that day even though we were beaten in the final It was still a remarkable achievement for the team and the club to reach the final and one of my most memorable moments. Retired in 2015.




Joined the club in 91, with Ray McHugh as my manager, then went senior with Domo as my manager( when he told me I was too small to play ) , then under Paul Martyn & the Ducker and Jenko, Paddy & Colly for the Saturday side, went on to manage the Saturday side and managed with Willie Kavanagh with the under 14's, high light is probably staying in premier A for so long, favourite moment is winning the O Leary cup as manager with the under 14's after been 2-0 down and winning 4-2 in the final !!! Currently assistant manager with the Senior Saturday side..UTB




Joined as a player 93 ish (I had young children) dates are a blur. Anto Mc Glynn was manager of the Saturday team . Paddy McGlynn was the Sunday manager. Liam Fitz and Paul Martyn then took over managing both teams. 4 seasons Played Mostly Saturday with a great bunch of lads. Still my best friends today. Killer Halo and Mark Leavy .. Player of the year 97.. Managed senior sat for a couple of years. Promoted to senior sat AUL. Great times ... played Nightowls league for a couple years. Nothing like kick off at 10 o'clock Friday night on a frozen pitch at the foot of the Dublin mountains. Again the best of times (we all carried a bit of weight we were told) but win ratio very high!!!!! Then me and Mick Jenkinson managed from u11 up to u18 schoolboys DDSL .hard work but enjoyable (some of the time) 

My Memorable moment: Me Scoring against the great Ballymun team with a diving header. (Cracker) And then the whack and Swany started a riot and match abandoned. We lost the replay!!!!! I did not score many goals. That's because I was long throwing the ball for others to score!!! Ha ha . MAY THIS SPIRIT IN THE CLUB CONTINUE ... UTB.




Joined the club in 1996 when Joe Jones and John Kearns took their then Drimnagh squad and joined the Bosco. Then went on to play for Willie Kavanagh and Trevor Shanley. Made random comebacks to senior football over the years with the 2nd and 3rd Saturday teams. Played Nightowls where I scored an overhead kick (Jenko can tell you all about it). Achievements U16 Major Runners up, U17 Major winners and senior Saturday division runners up. Executive committee member, PRO, vice chairman till 2014. Started managing U7s in 2008 and still managing them now U16 (3 of the original 9 players are still with the team). Memorable moment: the only time we got a fancy 36 seater coach to an end of season must win decider game for the players and supporters it broke down on the way to the game and we had to travel most of the way in the back of Sean Keoghs dad's transit. Memorable game: beating St Paul's Artane 5 nil to win U17 major league (this was the game we travelled to, in the back of the van).




Joined the club in 1990 age 9 playing under 12s managed by Willie Kavanagh and Jenko. Spent 2 more years under 12s with Jay Jordan and Trevor Shanley as managers and then from 13s up to under 17s been managed by Willie and Trevor were we won the 17s major league. Played senior football under Paul Martyn, Ger Looney, ducker and Gareth Boyne and I am still a part of the current Saturday side managed by Joe Cully and Mick Burke. I started managing the now under 10 Saturday side 3 years ago. I've had quite a few memorable games, but the one that stands out for me is the FAI junior cup semi final against Villa FC. 1-0 down with a man sent off and we got back level only to win on penalties. Fondest memory hast to be winning the league under 17s against Paul's Artane it was my first league win with the club with a great squad. UTB




I started to play for the BOSCO when I was 12 my managers were Gerry devlin and Robby o Neil till I was 16 and from 16 to 17 Pete fitz and Dessie McGovern and After that ray Connell for two years. Then in 1998 started to manage till last year. The best memory i have is winning the under 16 League as a player with some great players like Paul Murray and John Osbourne and then winning it again as a manager witch was extra special as my son Jason played on that team great days.I was one in a few Jenko's that played for the BOSCO my 3 brothers also played and my 3 sons played and also my 3 nephews .It is a very special family club witch I am proud to be a part of. Congratulations on 60 years UTB




Well, here goes the cogs in my head turning back time,I started playing in the 80s with Dessie Fox and Swany for U14s with Paddy and Andy Kavanagh as the managers, I played U17s with a manager not many of the long term lads had the chance to play for, I think he only lasted for one season,Brendan 'The Pecker' Dempsey. I played into the 90's and the early 00s, with managers changing a lot, Paul, Domo, Anto, Andy and Fitzer, are just some that would've been around in my duration as a senior player. the best 

memories I have as a player was being named player of the year in a team of brothers, that were all better players than I would have been. There's a lot of funny moments as a player that stick in my head, one being when we were playing Friday night football, one lad spat on me and I went chasing after him with the intent to kill him, but couldn't catch him. I was trying to cordon him off into a corner, most of the lads watching were laughing and would have described it as Rocky chasing a chicken. One match Domo had to go toilet, absolutely bursting, he came back ten minutes later, without one sock, I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I made a whole lot of long life friends, the 'Holy Trinity' is a special name given to Domo, Hallo and myself I think it might have been Jinky that started it but it stuck and we still sample the holy water in near by establishments.I still laugh at the darts night in the lads house on carrow road, WINNER LOSER, is that the way I said it Greg?. Moments on trips away will stay with me forever, there were lots, but theres always ones that stands out to me, One being a trip to cork,on the way down the bus stopped for us to have a piss while I was standing there doing my business Dayler in his peak of wisdom decided to pull my trousers down not knowing that I had just fastened them, he riped the back pockets straight off and got the fright of his life. Another one was when Jenko couldn't get into his room, he wondered why his key wouldn't work and then realised he was in the wrong jury's. One weekend we went to Berlin for one of the lads stags, Steo and few others were desperate to find the Berlin Wall and after two hours of searching they realised they were walking along it. One of the happiest memories as a manger was when we went to Liverpool for the Solar Cup, both teams came back as winners, one with the cup and one with the shield. Derek and Puggie brought the cup home and we brought the shield. It's been a long time since the beginning but when you enjoy the company time flys. I enjoyed playing with you all and always miss the feeling just before a match and the stick it of course, It was a pleasure to play with every one of you and coach the kids. One of my proudest moment as a coach and dad when Robert and Kate pulled on the bosco jersey. Finally, one on the most honourable and emotional things I've done throughout my time at Bosco was carrying Jerry 'The Squire' Cloaks coffin to the church, he is greatly missed by all of us. 





I first joined St. John Bosco football club in 1973 at the age of 11 years old. Barney Fitzgerald was my first manager. I played one season with Barney and moved on to play for John Brady and Eddie Connell. Looking back there was lots of great times. We were very lucky to enjoy two trips to Germany during that time. When I played under John and Eddie we won the under 14 A league and the Liberty cup. 

I will never forget Mr.& Mrs Murry . After a match you could always knock on their door and they would bring out one of the old glass milk bottles full of water. Thanks Mr.& Mrs Murry. 

In 1979 the club had no senior team, so like all players I moved on and came back to the club in 1997. More great times, winning the division one league in that season. They're great memories. 

In 2001 we reached the Calor Gas cup final against Ashbourne. What a great cup final !!! I came on as a sub in the second half . The game went to penalties and then to sudden death !! I stepped up to take my one and only ever penalty and scored. It was such a great feeling ...... It was all down to big George then ..... they took their penalty and what a save !!!! ' We Won ' We celebrated throughout the night . That was my last competitive game . What a memory . 

Moving on to a few years later .My son Evan started in the nursery in 2006. Alan Gallagher ran the nursery back then. Alan was fantastic with the kids and produced great little teams each season. I stared helping out each week with Alan and went on to run the nursery when Alan moved on to manage his son team . What encourages me every Monday evening is the kids enjoyment . They love coming down kicking ball and running around having fun learning to play football. 




Right here we go . I started playing in 1983 at U13 for Paul McGovern . John O Halloran and I think his name was Anto Maher managed the team U15 with Paul returning the following year and taking us all the way to U19 . I played 2 seasons at senior for the club , 1 for Ray McHuge , I can't remember the other managers name . Paul Martyn might remember he had my winning lotto tickets in his pocket after no winner had been announced . Best players I've played with would be the the above mentioned Joe Higgins , Hallo , Colly and Fingers Tracey who all made our 16/17/18s team very strong. I started managing with Colly at 16 . We had a great team , winning a league and cup double at one point. I left the club around 92 as a manager to return in 02 . Since returning I have managed 4 different teams with Pudgy Gallagher , Killer , Anto McGlynn , Robbie Kavanagh , and now with my son Sean and Ben Wheatley . I've been on the executive for 10+ years as chairman and vice chairman . Most memorable game I played in was the U16 playoff game against Pats in Bushy Park . The memory of Fingers , after making the winning save , being mobbed by the players from myself and Colly's team and them only reaching his belly was fantastic. The memories are vast from the camping trips to Kilbride the Easter trips to the Isle of Man . The first time we went , the boat ( the Lady of Man ) had something wrong with the engine and we sailed all night to get there . And the Solar Cup in Liverpool 07 were both our U10 teams had sweep of the honors. The memories keep coming back as I'm typing here , like the trip to Claremorris that took 6 hours to get there but can't finish without mentioning Larry and Brian's club upstairs. Myself and Trevor spent hours on the table tennis tables not giving an inch . Thanks for memories. UTB .




I was roped in in 1986 when Anto McGlynn asked me would I be interested in taking a team. I went down to Bricker were 11 players were there to meet me. The team was U11 and we stayed together for six year and broke up U16. I roped in my cousin Mark to help me and the lads knew if he was out the night before as they would give him a torrid time. Among the group who later would play Senior was Stephen Byrne (Soapy), Trevor McElligott, Jason Martyn, Des Leonard, John Collins, Robbie O’Connor and Mark Dunne. Some great memories with the lads, playing Drogheda away Gerry Byrne said he never played in Northern Ireland before, Paul McManus asked playing St Brendan’s Cabra away if that’s where they made chocolate ! We were promoted once and got R/Up in the Azaria Cup in 1989 I never played Schoolboy for the Club as there was no team in my age group but joined the Seniors as First Team ‘Trainer’ and Saturday player in 1992 and played for the following 14 years playing Sunday under Paddy for 5 years before taking over the Sunday Team (I managed for 9 years until 2006) and played Saturday under Domo, Ducker and Liam Fitzgerald. Getting the Saturday team promoted twice and up to Senior Saturday for the first time ever was a brilliant time, winning the League in my first year with Sunday team was great but getting two promotions in two years to get to Premier A in 2002 was unbelievable. Bringing players through from Ray McHughs team – Eamonn, Ducker, Graham Dunne and Mick, then most of Willies team, Robbie C, Brian Behan, Sean Mangan, Ian Murtagh all worthy a mention as most of these lads became part of the Bosco Family for years to come. Notable games that stand out were beating our favourite foe, Broombridge in their first AUL game, taking Howth as well in their first game in the League but beating Portmarnock 3-0 twice in Benner in Premier A, a team full of Junior Internationals and Killester 1-0 in the first game of the season as they arrived as Champions and unbeaten in a whole season. The local support we got was phenomenal and rightly so, all the players in our first game in Premier A (bar three) had played schoolboy football for the Club and all bar Gary Parkes lived no further than Inchicore / Bluebell Getting players into the AUL representative teams Ciaran Smith, Gareth Boyne, Brian Behan, Philip Madden, Des Leonard and Daniel Purdy, the last two gaining winners medals in 2006. I think Pedro pulling his jersey off when he scored the winner in a 4-3 bruising game v Broombridge in the Bogeys roaring ‘Who’s the Man, Who’s the Man’ as he taunted their sideline before a few of us grabbed him away to safety. Another Saturday game worth a mention was when going for the League and a midweeker in Carrickhill Portmarnock, Paddy ‘Racecar’ Doyle said he’ll pick up Aaron Gray and Karl Corcoran and meet us out there, Ian McDonnell went as Pilot ! They left the Bosco at 5.00, we got to the pitch at 6.30 and no sign as the game kicked off at 7.00 ! It was pouring rain and Marie, myself and Mark McDonnell the only three on the sideline. Just before half time while trying to re assure Marie they appeared over the hill, it was a horrendous night and it showed how much Marie was to the Club, unforgettable. We never found out what the delay was ! 
I was on the Committee for 14 years from 1993 – 2006, Treasurer for seven years and PRO for seven, also was on the 50thAnniversary committee in 2007 and wrote the 50th Anniversary Book ‘Drimnagh’s finest for 50 years’. I played for four years on the Night Owls team from 2006 – 2009 (I Think) Where do you start with off the pitch trips and stories, Killarney was the first I remember, Kilkenny and Snipers with Halo, I think the followed us to Liverpool where we attended many games, even saw Peter Schmichael score for Aston Villa in Goodison Park. The six hour trip to Mayo, picking Ivan up on the motorway but which bridge, they all look the same ? The three hour round trip to get a bowl of soup, bus driver Buster Bloodvessal who sang like Bronski Beat, then Macker saying drolly as we entered the night club ‘never thought I’d be going into a Club with me ma’ and yet it wasn’t unusual for Marie to come along. Mark Leavy, Ivan and myself brushing Doyler’s chest with a yard brush through the window and he never stirred ! 

I often wondered why certain people wouldn’t sign for the club and would sometimes talk about a clique. But it was so much more, it was and is family, I think to go to Kilkenny to celebrate Gerry’s 40th was such a statement of what and who we are, it’s as if we only met the previous week and we may not have seen each other for years. To see the number that turn up on the 28th Dec every year to play Inchicore but this year we will be at home. We had so many ups and some downs’. The way everybody carried themselves at Brian and Gerry’s passing is something I am most proud of, to be in a position to be part of both celebrations of their lives was unforgettable. I remember seeing all the ‘SJB’ logos following Gerry from the Bosco and following Brian to the Oblates, the priest asking what was SJB and explaining to him what we were and are. And then the Bosco flag being left with Marie who will always be our No. 1 supporter. Class. The BEST friends I have in the world I have met since I was roped in in 1986, something I am very thankful for. It was pleasure to be a Manager, Coach, Trainer, Team mate, Player, Treasurer, PRO, Confidant, Author and most of all a Friend to so many..

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