LMS Round 1

Name Week 1
Joe Cully Leicester X
Tracey Kelly Man City
Joe Cully Snr Leicester X
Pat Hogan Man City
Kevin Mullan Man City
Aaron Dolan Leicester X
Ross Mcnally Man Utd
Kevin Byrne Man City
Kevin Byrne Snr Man City
Orla Dixon Man City
Gary Proudfoot Leicester X
Tommy Devitt (1) Leicester X
Tommy Devitt (2) Man Utd
Tommy Devitt (3) Chelsea
John Shannon Man City
Alex Shannon Man Utd
Mick Burke (1) Man City
Mick Burke (2) Man Utd
Joey Gannon Man City
Phil Kelly Man City
Paul Sleinner Man City
Lar Coleman Chelsea
Brody Coleman Man Utd
Michelle Coleman Man City
George Thompson Man City
Carla Brennan Chelsea
Stephen Thompson Man Utd
Ian Ellis Chelsea
Mark Ray Man City
Sarah Coughlan C. Palace X
Dan Purdy Man Utd
Eamon Purdy Snr Man City
Eamon Purdy Man City
Ian Byrne Man City
Martin Callaghan Man City
Geraldine Callaghan Man Utd
Paddy Neary Man City
Fudge Man City
Liam Flood Southampton X
Pat Flood Leicester X
Paul Flood Leicester X
Mick Kelly Leicester X
Git Kelly Man Utd
Tom Kelly Man City
Richie Leonard Man Utd
Stephen Millane Man Utd
John Leonard Southampton X
Dereck Quinn Leicester X
Art O’Hare Leicester X
David Leonard Chelsea
John Jackson Man City
Ciaran Smyth Man Utd
Christine Leonard Man City
Nick Smyth Man City
Paul Whitney Man City
Andy Pierce Man City
Viv Pierce Man City
Kathleen Pierce Leicester X
Ray Pierce Man Utd
Vanessa Pierce Stoke X
Mick O’neill Southampton X
Andy Keehan Leicester X
Liam Keehan Man City
Leah Moore Southampton X
John Doyle Man Utd
Jack Doyle Man City
Bob Wilton Man City
Sarah Thompson Man City
Jimmy McHugh (1) Liverpool
Jimmy McHugh (2) Man City
Jimmy McHugh (3) Man City
Jimmy McHugh (4) Leicester X
Jimmy McHugh (5) Man Utd
Nathan Doyle (1) Man City
Nathan Doyle (2) Man City
Fisher Leicester X
Maria Roche C. Palace X
Kevin Roche Swansea
Michael Roche Man City
Shane Jenkinson Leicester X
Steo Woods Man City
Timber Leicester X
Jimmy O’Brian Burnley X
Paul Fitz Southampton X
Craig Donnelly Stoke X
Alan Byrne Man City
Conor Byrne Stoke X
Stephen O’Reilly Man City
Gerard Kiernan Man City
David Kiernan Man Utd
Sean Maher C. Palace X
Gavin Maher Man City
Patrick Maher Southampton X
Darren Sheridan C. Palace X
David C. Palace X
Martin Swansea
Lar Kean Leicester X
Keith Smith Southampton X
Greg Connolly Man City
Ian Dennis Man City
Damien O’Raw Man City
Alan Dean Man City
Gareth Zambra Chelsea
Michael Stokes West Brom
Stef Kiernan Man City
Mark Jenkinson Man City
Anto Landers ????
Nicky Sheridan Man City
Adam Maguire Man City
Dermot Maguire Man Utd
Ruairidh Fleming Leicester X
Anita Fleming Southampton X
Herman Weight Man City
Harry O’Halloran Man City
Miriam O’Halloran Stoke X
Martin Coghlan Man Utd
John O’Halloran Chelsea
Alan O’Halloran Leicester X
Laura O’Halloran Swansea
Ella O’Halloran Man City
Keith Byrne Leicester X
Jim Carroll Man City
James Ziggy Carroll Man City
Patrick Wheatley Man City
Martin Daly Leicester X
Gerry Deane Man City
Eoin Deane Man City
Mags 1 Southampton X
Mags 2 Man City
Jack Phelan Man Utd
Dean Costello Leicester X
Robert Costello Man City
Paul Martyn Man City
Jason Costello Man City
Joanne Cullen Southampton X
Colm McCormack Leicester X
Colm Dunne Leicester X
Declan Dunne Man Utd
Michael Murray Southampton X
Conor Mooney Man City
John Ward Crystal Palace X
Ryan O’Rourke Man City
Gena Kelly Leicester X
Jake Tilson Man City
Stephen O’Connor Leicester X
Keith O’Connor Crystal Palace X
George Costello Man City
Christopher Costello Leicester X
Ben Mc Shane Crystal Palace X
Maurice Kavanagh Man City
Will Kavanagh Man City
Georgia Landers Man City
Chris Conway Man City
Sean Conway Man City
Leah Byrne Arsenal X
Brendan Carroll Crystal Palace X
Alan Brady Southampton X
Gearroid Ray Man City
Conor Ray Man Utd
Teddy Roberts Leicester X
Carol Proudfoot Leicester X
Paul Murray Man City
Catherine McKeown Man City
John Osbourne Man Utd
Harry Murray Southampton X
Daithi U11 Southampton X
Dave Murray Leicester X
Ross Martin Man City
JJ Kelly Man Utd
Daniel Rowe Man Utd
John Rowe Man City
Jonathan Kerrigan Southampton X
Evan Gibson Man City
Finn Smith Man City
Derek Nolan Man City
Jerry Martyn Leicester X
Jamie Gannon Man Utd
Paddy Collins Leicester X
Jason O’Halloran Stoke X
Luke O’Halloran Man City
Louie MacKinnion Arsenal X
Domo Murphy Southampton X
Declan Ivory Man City
Jay Gunning Man City
Holly Burke Leicester X
Sinead Burke Man City
Mark Connolly Man City
Ben Kinsella Man Utd
Kobi H Man Utd
Mark And Gavin B Man City
Jack Byrne Leicester X
Bobby Smith Leicester X
Aaron waterhouse Arsenal X
Conor McDonnell Leicester X
Patrick McCabe Middlesborough X
Gareth McCabe Man City
Adam Curran Man City
Don Olatunji Man Utd
Sean Ronan Leicester X
Matt Ronan Man City
Brian Sexton Man City
Derek Doyle Man City
Declan Doyle Man City
Des Maloney Man City
Stephen Joyce Man City
Stephen Flanagan Man City
Lewis Mc Cann Leicester X
Peter O ‘Brien Man City
Daniel Kelly Leicester X
Olive Patchell Southampton X
Terry Venables Man Utd
Andrew Baker Man City
Trevor Doyle Southampton X
Dean Baker Leicester X
Martin Roche Everton X
Michelle Dwyer Man City
Daniel Dwyer Leicester X
John Dwyer Man City
John Gray Man Utd
Neil Mc Guigan Man Utd
Paul Kennedy Southampton X
Eddie Connors Man Utd
Thomas Mc Carthy Leicester X
Gary Steadman Man City
AdamSteadman Leicester X
John Steadman Leicester X
gavin Fraser Man Utd
Colm Mc Carthy Crystal Palace X


Congratulations to Liam Keehan on winning our Euro 2016 Forecast Competition..
Here is a list of our prize money winners .
For full details click on the link below.


3 GC148 KEN FORAN 266 3rd place as a result of tie breaker goals


13239913_10154208922714310_838796973199748596_n13133256_1546764045618594_1701835397924112263_n13083260_10154195003899310_498300307691588668_nCongratulations to our Senior teams as our Saturday side (managed by Anto O Keefe) won their league on Monday and our Sunday side (Managed by Dave Hyland) won the Moore Cup last Saturday and following day Mick Hopkins and Fergie’s 17’s team won their cup .
Last weekend Derek Doyle and Andrew Baker celebrated as their under 14’s team clinched their league in Benner
Not forgetting Robbie Mc Cormacks’s u-11 Sunday finishing runners up in their league
Well done to all the coaches and players involved .

Conor McDonnell- Club Hero

A very well done to one of our 17 Super players Conor McDonnell.

While on his way to training, last Thursday,he jumped into the canal to save a man from drowning.

He was ably assisted on the bank by team mates Jack Phelan and Keith Sargent.

He promptly returned home to shower and change and got down for the second half of his training session!

Well done Conor.


Our Academy

Our Academy takes place every Monday @ 6 o’clock in the All Weather Pitch in Brickfields Park. It is for boys and girls of all abilities born in 2009 and 2010. We believe there is no better way to give a child the gift of a healthy childhood in a safe environment.  If you would like your child to be involved just bring them down on Monday. Children from all areas are welcome to join. We charge €2 per week.

We have almost 30 players now. Our Academy is run by Paddy Collins with help from Conor Byrne and Paddy Stokes. All of our coaches are trained and Garda Vetted. We have now introduced an athletic development module to all academy sessions to compliment the ball mastery and team play modules.

The Academy teams for children born in 2011 are being formed very soon.

Here is some of our Academy players in the training kit.

Bocco Juniors